Kimberley Cooper (Artistic Director, Decidedly Jazz Dance Works)

"Sandro Rajic has been working with the dancers of DJD since January 2018.  He is a generous and curious athlete and trainer. This combination makes him a real joy to work with because the energy in the room is always fresh and everyone feels like they are learning.  I noticed shortly after Sandro began working with the female dancers, that their jumps improved dramatically.  As we continue to work with him, I see the full company get stronger, healthier and they learn more about their bodies.  When I see Sandro move, I always tell him he should have been a dancer, he is a beautiful mover and lovely human.  I hope our relationship with Sandro continues, I think we can all keep learning together, he is a real gift to us.



Laura Vande Zande (Professional Dancer), Alberta Ballet)

Training with KVK Athletics has given me the knowledge to properly cross-train for my career as a professional dancer; conditioning and strengthening weak areas of my body to develop and improve my dance technique. It has given me the confidence to grow as an artist by giving me a better understanding of my body. Sandro has an amazing ability to catch inefficient movement patterns and a passion for helping each individual improve to be their best. 


Catherine Hayward, (Professional Dancer, Decidedly Jazz Dance Works)

I’m 37 years old, dancing professionally full-time, and I’ve been working with Sandro for 1.5 years. After making this significant shift in my training well into my professional career, I believe it’s essential to challenge the body’s strength to make a dramatic change in athletic and artistic performance. Sandro’s training program has allowed me to feel incredibly strong, efficient, and has helped prevent any major injuries. There’s no question that the program is increasing the longevity of my career. By teaching my body to follow hip dominated movement patterns, I’ve noticed a shift in my ease of movement and an increase in the elevation and the power of my jumps. I’ve also experienced improved balance, ease in my extensions, an increase in the consistency of my turns, and faster recovery day to day. I have happily found consistent flow onstage, accomplishing even the most challenging and exhausting sequences with ease. In less than two years, I have seen more results pursuing hip dominated weight training with Sandro than I’ve noticed in other techniques throughout my career. Most importantly, Sandro’s program has allowed me to make a notable shift mentally, understanding, and knowing I can unlock possibilities in my strength and body that I didn’t imagine were possible. It’s exciting to accomplish things I have never done before and to know there’s greater potential to find.


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