Madelaine Lussier, Marmac Dance Studio, Edmonton

Many of the ideas you presented in your workshops on ‘Supplemental Training’ and ‘To Stretch or Not to Stretch’ were familiar to me from non-dance sources, so it was great to have them integrated into that context. I really appreciate when there are concrete examples given of how to implement the ideas and permission to mix things up from 'how it has always been', especially for ballet class which has such an established format.  Thank you for providing these valuable workshops.

 Madelaine Lussier,  Marmac Dance Studio, Edmonton


 Rae-Lee Brower (Airdrie Dance Academy)

What I appreciated about both of your workshops for the Calgary Dance Teachers Expo (Supplemental Training and Stretching or NOT stretching), was how you took the time to great everyone individually as they came in. You were the only workshop leader who did that out of all the ones I attended. I think this makes each attendee feel valued for their time there.  You spoke clearly and eloquently.  You were able to balance technical terms while also explaining in a way that makes sense to people who may not be in the science world.  You helped me understand how research from Dance Science can help me as a teacher.


Rae-Lee Brower – Airdrie Dance Academy


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