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Our philosophy has been to build, within our clients, a movement foundation that can withstand the most challenging obstacles and fosters a culture of resilience and perseverance. Our strategy has been to nurture and guide from the head down. We have made it our mission to understand better who our clients are, where they have come from and who they want to become.



Our area of expertise has been on the function of the trunk and its inevitable influence on the distal movers. We believe that strength is something that is task specific rather than isolated. We strive to develop, in our clientele, movement mechanics that incorporate the idea of biotensegrity, which allows us to focus on the outcomes of each particular task and each specific individual. We take these principles and apply them to the weight room, into agility training, acceleration, max velocity, jumping, energy system work, and rehabilitation.


Co-Owner and Founder

Experience and Qualification


Sandro has traveled throughout North America speaking on the importance of movement proficiency and its influence on sports performance. Sandro works with a diverse clientele base of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and levels of expertise. Sandro has worked with and continues to work with professional athletes in rugby, soccer, dance and figure skating as well as varsity athletes from a variety of sports. Sandro's work in the rehabilitation realm ranges from physical to neural dysfunction. His rehabilitation clients include, but are not limited to, ACL and MCL ruptures, knee replacement, herniated and ruptured discs, frozen shoulders, spinal fusions and more.  Sandro's area of focus has been to develop a program and a method of training for all of his clientele that would decrease negative loads exerted at the knee, ankle, and spine, and increase the contribution of the hip musculature. 


- Co-Owner/Founder of K.V.K. Athletics Inc.

- MSc in Strength and Conditioning

- Published Researcher

- Healthy Dancer Canada Board of Directors

- CCSC Board of Directors

- IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science) Presenter 3X

- HDC (Healthy Dancer Canada) Presenter

- Movement Consultant to various dance studios and strength and conditioning facilities

Co-Owner and Founder

Experience and Qualification

Joel Malouf originally hails from Kelowna BC where he developed his passion for the sport and athletic performance. This passion took Joel to Simon Fraser University where he earned three GNAC conference championships, two NCAA Div. 2 National tournament appearances, including a Final Four appearance and a 2014 2nd Team All-Conference honor. While at Simon Fraser University Joel pursued a degree in Health Sciences which helped cultivate a passion for helping others. With the contributions of his teammates, coaches and medical practitioners throughout his Undergraduate career, he decided to combine his passion for athletics and helping others through coaching.  Joel’s goal is to create an optimally structured training environment that develops his clients through the training process. Joel’s primary objective is to enhance movement proficiency that allows his athletes and clients the ability to perform optimally in their respected arena.  ​

- Co-Owner/Founder of K.V.K. Athletics Inc.

- BA in Health Sciences

- Soccer Speed/Agility/Metabolic Training

- Long Term Youth/Athlete Development

- 3x GNAC Conference Champion (Men's Soccer) Simon Fraser University

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