Debbie Graham

"Sandro's knowledge of strength and movement patterns, coupled with his unyielding confidence in my abilities, has allowed me to push through perceived physical and mental barriers.  He shares his knowledge openly and support readily as I work toward the realization of my very best self."


Brian and Cathy Clarke

" We’ve been training with Sandro twice a week for more than four years.  Being over 50, our training goals are to improve our overall fitness with a focus on our sporting passions of downhill and cross-country skiing, golf, running and hiking. The results have been phenomenal. While focusing on strength and endurance, Sandro has a unique ability to combine the technical, theoretical, and practical aspects of training.  While training sessions are intense, they are also enjoyable and have become an integral part of our weekly routine.

Tina Fisher

"I have been doing strength and conditioning training with Sandro for over 4 years.  Prior to this, I had lost interest and motivation with a fitness program and my health was suffering. I have osteoporosis which is genetic in my family and had been on a steady decline with my bone density measures putting me deep into the osteoporosis range.  However, over the past four years my BD has stabilized with slight improvement in some areas.  As a result, my health care professionals have strongly encouraged me to continue with my training program.  Most importantly, the S&C training has allowed me to regain strength and energy and return to activities that I previously enjoyed.   Skiing, jogging, hiking, skating and enjoying the great outdoors."


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