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Toward a New Movement in Dance Training and Performance

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Achieving culture change and creating an environment that is growth focused, is a continual process of transformation. It isn’t merely a structural or organizational re-org, but a revolutionary change in how we think. I believe we are in the midst of a long overdue change in dance and dance training. Around the world, a movement is growing to address the well-being and health of dancers, improve performance and training and reduce injuries. No one is directing, controlling, or limiting this movement. We are all just trying to listen together. Our awareness is broadening to include new research and practices in the field of sport and dance science. It is telling us that we have the knowledge and resources to empower teachers, parents, coaches, scientists and practitioners to not only help dancers meet the current demands of dance training and performance but prepare them for the demands that are yet to come. It is not a matter of walking away from our tradition, but evolving and walking toward and alongside each other, bringing together the art and science of movement, to both enrich the art form and the lives of dancers.

Karen Sudds MSc

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