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Dance and Art

Kimberley Cooper (Artistic Director, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks)

"I noticed shortly after Sandro began working with the female dancers, that their jumps improved dramatically.  As we continue to work with him, I see the full company get stronger, healthier and they learn more about their bodies.  When I see Sandro move, I always tell him he should have been a dancer, he is a beautiful mover and lovely human"

Laure Vande Zande (Professional Dancer)


"Training with KVK Athletics has given me the knowledge to properly cross-train for my career as a professional dancer; conditioning and strengthening weak areas of my body to develop and improve my dance technique. It has given me the confidence to grow as an artist by giving me a better understanding of my body. Sandro has an amazing ability to catch inefficient movement patterns and a passion for helping each individual improve to be their best."

Kaja Irwin (Professional Dancer)

Since beginning training with Sandro 1.5 years ago my dancing has changed immensely. My movement has become more sustainable, efficient, and powerful which allows me to think about more performance related aspects, such as connections, musicality, and depth of character, instead of just the physical aspects. I love how he challenges preconceived ideas and patterns in my body, pushing me mentally and physically."

Catherine Hayward (Professional Dancer)

I’m 37 years old, dancing professionally full-time, and I’ve been working with Sandro for 1.5 years. Sandro’s training program has allowed me to feel incredibly strong, efficient, and has helped prevent any major injuries. There’s no question that the program is increasing the longevity of my career. By teaching my body to follow hip dominated movement patterns, I’ve noticed a shift in my ease of movement and an increase in the elevation and the power of my jumps. I’ve also experienced improved balance, ease in my extensions, an increase in the consistency of my turns, and faster recovery day to day. Most importantly, Sandro’s program has allowed me to make a notable shift mentally, understanding, and knowing I can unlock possibilities in my strength and body that I didn’t imagine were possible. It’s exciting to accomplish things I have never done before and to know there’s greater potential to find.


Caitlyn Bailes (University Hammer/Shot Put)


"I have not only improved my skills as an athlete, but have changed as a person. He emphasizes things that no other coach that I’ve had has emphasized before"

Dane Domic (Varsity/Professional Soccer)


"Training with Sandro Rajić has helped me become a better athlete both physically and mentally. Throughout my football development, strength training has been very important and I felt like I knew how to manage my own plan. Coming to K.V.K. I have had my training philosophy tested and have become better for it on and off the field." 

Drina Domic (NBA Analyst/Syracuse Soccer)


"Coach Sandro has changed the way I view training. His knowledge has been invaluable to my sport. The emphasis on efficiency and form has enabled me to push my limits. His disposition creates a motivating environment with the perfect balance of fun and seriousness."

Ingrid Ulrich (Professional/Field Hockey Goalie)


Sandro has completely changed not only my movement patterns but my complete style of play. Sandro has improved not only my change of direction, but also made me a better athlete mentally. Without Sandro’s help I would have never been able to play NCAA Div. I field hockey for Saint Francis University in Loretto PA, or for the University of Calgary Dinos afterword’s."

Ryan McLean (Professional Box Lacrosse)


"Over the last six years I have developed an athlete- trainer relationship that I never thought would be possible. Coach Sandro has helped me reach my goals on and off the floor. He has helped tremendously with increasing my mobility, speed and strength. I have learned how to control my emotions and assess situations in order to receive the best results for myself"

Tatijana Markic (University Volleyball)


"I have improved my strength, power and vertical, but above all else, I have become a better person."


Madison (Volleyball/ACL)


"This was probably the best thing I could have done (and wish I had met him years ago). Within under a minute he determined how I tore my knee. How I have never been taught to engage the proper muscles in the right sequence and how my knee was doing the brunt of the work. Sandro (K.V.K. Athletics) has been training me for two months two-three times a week, and my recovery has been better than I could have hoped for." 

Tina (Osteoporosis)


"I started training with Sandro about 6 years ago.  I have osteoporosis,  and at that time it was on a slow and steady progression for the worse.  Over the past 6 years my bone density has stabilized which is great news.  However this year everything remained stable except for a significant improvement in my spinal measurement, which my dr says can only be attributed to the dedicated weight training program.   This will always be part of my exercise regime going forward, so that I can continue an active lifestyle as I continue to age." 

Dr. Petar Prpic (ACL)

"I have never worked with anyone that is able to point out the smallest details as he strives me to reach perfection in every movement, assuring that no compensatory movements are limiting my rehabilitation. We are able to slow down the video or pause it, pinpointing the exact moment where I need to correct things. Not only is Sandro able to provide expertise, but he also provides the motivation and coaching required to assure that I follow the training schedule." 

Karen (Skiing/MCL)


"Today I can step in and teach a class at any time, I can hike, I can cycle and once again I can rip up the slopes.  Under Sandro’s coaching I have not only become stronger, but most importantly, my confidence has grown.  When I stand at the top of Mt. Norquay, I remind myself that I can squat 200+ lbs.  At 59, I am skiing like I did at 30.  My world is expanding instead of shrinking.  Training with Sandro has given me two things:  the physical strength to take on these challenges, and the mental toughness to approach all of life with greater intention and courage.  " 

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